We are an Globian non-profit organization that supports good causes and positive change all over the world.

Our Mission

To empower the oppressed and marginalized and ensure the fulfilment of human right to live in security, dignity and peace. 

Our Vission

A world free of oppression and poverty. 

Our Values

Our agency has been present for over 10 years. We make the best for all our children.

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What We Do

Kogi Partnership Against Poverty (KPAP) now registered as Participation Initiative for Behavioural Change in Development (PIBCID) is a non-governmental Organization registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC 391498). Since 2009, PIBCID has been working in partnership with women, men, children, youth, Civil Society Organizations/groups and government at all levels to address the underlying causes of poverty in resource marginalized and derelict communities. PIBCID, empowers the poor through capacity building on gender, good governance, child rights, humanitarian services and human rights concerns in the community. We provide good understanding of rights and how citizens can advocate for their rights from relevant Government Agencies. PIBCID identifies innate skills among members of the community and is engaged in sustaining those skills by encouraging the different segments of the community to master the positive skills and pass it forward. We act as facilitators, advocates and channels for positive change by engaging with all segments of the society. At the core of our work is “modifying behaviour for positive change”. PIBCID, implements programmes, projects and activities in the areas of Food, Agriculture/Livelihood, Health, Education, Women’s Right, Good Governance, Child Rights, and Humanitarian Services in Conflict and Emergency through capacity building, advocacy and influencing policy changes, using the Human Right Based approach and service modeling projects to conduct empowerment and campaign. PIBCID works with the poor and oppressed in over 20 communities which include: Adavi LGA- Atami, Iresuare, Irewagere, Osaragada, Osara, Iruovochinomi, Ege, Aku and Osisi communities in Adavi Local Government area of the State, Igalamela/Odolu LGA- Apata, Ajodawn, Ihiame, egbahime, Ofuloko, Okpapata, Ujagba, Ayah, Ogbogba, Ugbedomagu and Ofu LGA- Okpeji, Ojo, Ajoh-Ate and Ajoh-Ogane. These communities cut across the Central and Eastern Senatorial districts of Kogi State with plans to scale up to the Western Senatorial district, empowering the people to change negative behaviours that negates development and demand for accountability and transparency in governance using the Human Rights based Approach.

Our Staff

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